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Master Wisdom

about : Ascended Masters

They are beautiful beings of light who reside in the higher dimensions of existence. Their sole concern is for our planetary and spiritual welfare. Anyone can connect with these masters.

about : Soltec

Soltec is an Australian channel for the Ascended Masters and Angelic Realm. With over 25 years experience he makes his White Star Temple resources freely available to you as part of his ongoing service.

about : White Star Temple

It may be likened to an energy-pattern which supports and provides the context for our connection with those Ascended Masters and Angels associated with this spiritual 'university'. It is life-affirming, loving, honouring, joyous, beautiful, nourishing, limitless and multi-layered. There are no rules or expectations placed upon you.

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  • Channeled Messages

    Access contemplative wisdom lectures categorised into themes, such as Love, Mastery, Divinity, Angels etc. These have been transcribed and edited for your personal expansion.

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  • Audio Meditations

    Access the original White Star Temple recordings as channelled by Soltec. Expansive energies accompany these beautiful contemplative lectures, meditations and guided visualisations.

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  • Video

    Explore Spiritual concept videos and Video meditations, as presented by Soltec Channel.

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  • Multi-media

    Access delightful Wisdom Mandala Cardsets, WST books plus Mini-Books, our Podcast and more.

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